Naturfrisk | Drink & make nature happy!

The world’s first organic fizzy drinks

In the 1990s, Nicolai Rømer asked his father Niels why there was no such thing as organic cola. Niels was immediately struck by an idea and the hunt was on to find the perfect premises for producing their own organic fizzy drinks. After a search, they decided on Ørbæk Brewery, located in East Funen and originally built back in 1906. In August 1997 they bought Ørbæk Brewery. There was not a moment’s doubt. They would produce the first organic fizzy drink in the world.

While exploring the attic of the old brewery, they came across a number of old labels. One of them bore the name ‘Naturfrisk’ (= Naturally Fresh). They immediately agreed. That name reflected many of the values they wished to make part of their company. This was the birth of the company and the Naturfrisk brand.

Nature's own ingredients

We believe that natural ingredients are the best foods. Therefore, all our products are organic, with ingredients produced without the use of pesticides, artificial colorings, flavour enhancers, or anything else that isn't natural. We've made this choice because we think that organic ingredients taste the best and are the best for both humans and nature.

In harmony with nature

Life isn't delightful, beautiful, or fun if, in the end, it's just us humans with our domestic animals and crops left on Earth. Wild animals and plants need more space to live and survive. That's why Naturfrisk supports the movement towards making an ever-greater part of Denmark freer, wilder, and happier.


On most of our small 25 cl Naturfrisk sodas, we've depicted protected animals, and for every 100 bottles we sell in Denmark, we donate a sum to the restoration of 1 m² of Danish nature. Thus, you can help make nature happy by drinking.


Naturally Great Taste

We aim to pamper people. That's why we prioritize quality and taste, ensuring that only the best products are dispatched. We achieve this by using fine, organic ingredients and also by working diligently in our product development and production to refine and enhance the flavour and quality of our beverages.