Naturfrisk | Drink & make nature happy!

The world’s first organic fizzy drinks

In the 1990s, Nicolai Rømer asked his father Niels why there was no such thing as organic cola. Niels was immediately struck by an idea and the hunt was on to find the perfect premises for producing their own organic fizzy drinks. After a search, they decided on Ørbæk Brewery, located in East Funen and originally built back in 1906. In August 1997 they bought Ørbæk Brewery. There was not a moment’s doubt. They would produce the first organic fizzy drink in the world.

While exploring the attic of the old brewery, they came across a number of old labels. One of them bore the name ‘Naturfrisk’ (= Naturally Fresh). They immediately agreed. That name reflected many of the values they wished to make part of their company. This was the birth of the company and the Naturfrisk brand.

Life is not pleasant, beautiful, or fun if, in the end, there are only us humans and our domesticated animals and crops left on the planet. Wild animals and plants need more space to live and survive. Therefore, Naturfrisk supports the idea that an increasingly larger part of Denmark should become more free, wild, and happy. On our small 25 cl Naturfrisk soda, we have depicted protected animals, and for every 100 bottles we sell in Denmark, we donate an amount to the restoration of 1 m2 of Danish nature. This way, you can contribute to drink and make nature happy.

Nature & Environment

We believe in natural. That is why all our products are organic. All ingredients are free of pesticides, artificial colourants, flavour enhancers and anything else unnatural. Why did we make that choice? Because we believe that organic products simply taste better, and that they are best for people, animals and plants.

The Nature of East Funen

Nestling among manor houses and castles, Ørbæk Brewery is located in the beautiful Ice Age landscape of East Funen. This is where we produce and bottle Naturfrisk soft drinks, using water from Funen’s subsoil, the same water that also supplies the Ørbæk Spring. The Ørbæk Spring gushes into Ørbæk Creek that flows past the brewery on its way to Holckenhavn Fjord. The creek is a source of food and livelihood for kingfishers, western marsh harriers, ospreys and other rare fauna and flora.


Naturally Great Taste

Pampering people is our aim. Quality and taste are paramount, and we make sure we deliver only the very best products. We use excellent organic produce and develop our products and production processes with the express aim of refining and improving the taste and quality of our beverages.