NF Soda Hyldebrus 25Cl DK
NF Soda Hyldebrus 25Cl Skruelåg DK
25 cl. 25 cl.


If summer in Denmark had a taste, it would undoubtedly be elderflower. That's our belief, at least. Naturfrisk Elderflower is crafted from organic elderflowers, apple juice, and water sourced from the subsoil of Funen near the Ørbæk Spring. It encapsulates a sweet essence, reminiscent of hope and sunshine.


Nutritional content per 100 ml: Energy 170 kJ / 40 kcal, fat <0,1 g, of which saturates 0 g, carbohydrate 10 g, of which sugars 9.5 g, protein <0.1 g, salt <0.1 g.


Ingredients: water, 23% apple juice from conc.*, 10% elderflower extract*, sugar*, carbon dioxide, natural elderflower flavour*, citric acid. * = organic.


Motif: The Naturfrisk Elderflower label features the large copper butterfly (lycaena dispar). The last recorded instance of the large copper breeding in Denmark was in 1955. This was in Horreby Lyng on the island of Falster. It lives in large fertile marshes and moors and on the banks of streams and lakes. Even though the large copper has not been recorded in Denmark since 1955, it is not unlikely that one day it will return. There is still a large population on the shores of the Baltic Sea in Poland and Germany. So, if we restore suitable habitats for the butterfly near the Baltic Sea, there is a possibility that the species will return to Denmark.

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