Ginger Ale
NF Soda Gingerale 25Cl DK
25 cl.

Ginger Ale

Do you love ginger as much as we do? Then you will definitely fall for our organic Ginger Ale. It has an exquisitely sharp taste of ginger, but is also sweet and easy to drink. It is a brilliant accompaniment to any spicy, tongue-tingling food. Organic, spicy and refreshing.


Naturfrisk Ginger Ale has no added sugar, only with a natural sugar content. 


Nutritional content per 100 ml: Energy 162 kJ / 38 kcal, fat <0.1 g, of which saturates <0,1 g, carbohydrate 9.5 g, of which sugars 8.5 g, protein <0,1 g, salt <0,1 g.


Ingredients: water, apple juice from concentrate*, ginger extract*, carbon dioxide, malt extract*, citric acid.  * = organic.

Without added sugar, only with natural sugar. 


Motif: You are unlikely to find the animal featured on the label of our Ginger Ale in any Danish forest. It is the magnificent Bengal tiger (panthera tigris tigris). The Bengal tiger is the biggest wild cat in the world. The reason an image of the Bengal tiger features on our Ginger Ale is that it comes from Asia - just like the ginger with which our Ginger Ale is packed. The Bengal tiger is also a threatened species, so it made sense to use it on our label. There are only around 2,500 Bengal tigers in the world. They live in tropical and subtropical forests, grassy areas and mangrove forests in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

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