Ginger Smoothie
25 cl.


Naturfrisk Ginger Smoothie is made from apple, banana, lemon and ginger and is both soft, warming and invigorating at the same time. Perfect for a busy morning when you need a pick-me-up on the go.


Organic multifruit juice, partly from concentrate. With 86% apple. 


Nutritional content per 100 ml: Energy 202 kJ / 48 kcal, fat 0.1 g, of which saturates <0,1 g, carbohydrate 11 g, of which sugars 10 g, protein 0.3 g, salt <0.01 g.


Ingredients: 44% apple purée*, 42% apple juice from conc.*, 8% banana purée*, 3% lemon juice from conc.*, 3% ginger purée*. * = organic.


Motif: The design idea for Naturfrisk Smoothies is nature's beautiful patterns. The motif on the Ginger Smoothie is inspired by bird feathers.

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